The world around you is not what it seems.

In 2012, researchers at CERN discovered a new substance they called "exotic matter", or XM. It has influenced the creativity of mankind for generations. Shapers, a mysterious alien race, created portals on our planet to seed XM into it.

Throughout the world, agents armed with specialized devices sensitive to exotic matter are already on the move. The Resistance approach XM cautiously in order to save humanity's independence. The Enlightened embrace XM in order to evolve humanity. Who will you join?

The first step is to download the Ingress scanner to your mobile device. Run it and you will be asked to select a codename and team. Now, start exploring your area. Connect with your local community to receive additional instructions. If you have questions, you can contact or visit

Still not sure what's going on? Watch New Mexico operatives in action in the declassified videos below.

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